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Los Gatos Earth Day Event 2002

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  Michael Schwabe's EV1 arrived on site ready to go with all the literature needed He even had his bike racked, ready to roll Inside has his palm pilot and gps wired into his EV1
  to charge his ZAP Ebikes and Will Beckett's Skeeter Ebike (left), Rob Means of electric-bikes.com helped me run an extension cord We strung another power line for Otmar's Porche With the big 150 amp connectors hanging out,
  Otmar's godzilla controller always draws a crowd Otmar's porche 914 street legal drag EV Blazer EV conversion I set the PFC-20 charger to 10 amps to keep from popping the breaker
    RAV4 EV    
  Sparrow EV      
    A 2nd RAV4 EV   new owner removing the dealer logo
  for an EAA plate holder   Red Insight hybrid  
  EVent coordiantor's Prius hybrid   As soon as the Insight left A nEV GEM took its place
  Late comer EV1   resting their bones EAA Historian table with the aurenthetic
    - finis -
  Late comer Sparrow      

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